Dear friends! Welcome to BIOGENIS!

We have founded a company in order to give everyone the possibility to get information not only about our unique products but also the most actual information about value of own life for a person himself, for his family and friends, and for his society. We seek to help changing attitude towards own health, future and life. Activity of our scientists, engineers and doctors is aimed at creation of various methods, complexes, devices of energy information medicine. Scientific researches, practical elaborations and revolutionary achievements in the area of health support and prolonging of human life make it possible to offer unique new products that become trustworthy and recognized in the whole world.
We think that the best way to draw attention of people to healthy lifestyle and prevention of diseases is to elaborate products that make care about health comfortable and universal. Using advanced technologies, our apparatuses and devices treat, correct, and support high level of wellbeing and energy of the body, making health achievable.
We like to use devices BIOGENIS, work in the company BIOGENIS, and elaborate new products for you and our relatives. We are proud of our activity but we never stop acting. Every night we asleep, while having the dream to make our products better, more effective, comfortable and achievable. But every morning we wake up happy because we know that today we will help some other persons, persons that are like you.

Brief history:

  • About 10 years ago, a group of enthusiasts created Bioenis with the aim of improving life.
  • Several years later, we created our first products for testing purposes.
  • It took us time to make sure we have created products of guaranteed quality and proven results
  • We understand that we are on the right track and have decided to develop our business with more health suggestions
  • For a year we offer our products to the mass market, and a year later dozens of people enjoy improved health

About us:

We at Biogenis value health and have placed it at the head of our work. We know how important it is to be healthy, vibrant and energetic, to enjoy life and be happy. Our mission is precisely in this direction, and all of our products are specifically geared towards vital elements – air and water. We did not accidentally focus our attention on them because our whole life depends on their presence. According to the latest data, air in large cities, and not only, is heavily polluted, and the presence of heavy particles and chemical elements contributes to the development of dangerous human diseases. Pure drinking water sources are only a small percentage of the Earth’s water, and huge areas do not even have running water, whether clean or not. This is a startling statistic that outlines the need for solutions. Our air and water purification products are a small start to a better life and a trusted assistant in every modern home. We can not turn the statistics, but we can do everything we can to help people.