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Unique possibilities which will appear in coming months after sales will have been started:

  • Multi-frequency therapy is a new possibility to increase effectiveness of exogenous BRT. Simultaneous impact by several modulating signals allows increasing effectiveness of therapy because of synchronization of various rhythmic processes which take place in the body.
  • Possibility to use stochastic resonance – paradigm which is utilized by nature. Simultaneous impact of “NOISE” and therapeutic signals.
  • Generation of nuclear magnetic resonance (in natural magnetic field of Earth) of all compounds and microelements required by specific organism for better absorption.
  • Creation of harmonious electromagnetic field during various spiritual activities.

Indications linked with «BIOGENIS»

The medical device “BIOGENIS” is indicated for application of bioresonance therapy (BRT), a therapy of impact by electromagnetic oscillations which under the principle of resonance contribute to restore of healing and self-regulation’s mechanisms damaged because of diseases.

The device “BIOGENIS” allows carrying out bioresonance exogenous therapy of patient:
A) with electromagnetic fields, having amplitude modulation of carrying frequency, with high accuracy of setting frequency modulation.
B) with electric signals transmitted through corresponding connector to external interface.

Frequencies of Foll, Schmidt, and Rife are used for application of the therapy.
This therapy is combined with any other type of treatment, such as pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.
Each treating program consists of set of frequencies applied consistently with specified time duration. Treating complexes are composed of treating programs during programming of the device.
The device may be utilized by several users consistently.
The device may be kitted with external optional interfaces (such as hand electrodes, plasma generator of super-high frequency field).

Principle of device’s action and recommendations on application of therapy

Bioresonance therapy (BRT) represents correction of body’s functions through harmonious transformation of resonance electromagnetic oscillations which are specific for radiation of living organism in order to synchronize them.

Treatment is based upon suppression of pathologic frequency spectrums of oscillations, restoration and improvement of physiological ones, and support of relative synchronization of different wave processes which form physiological organism’s homeostasis. The idea of BRT with the help of weak electromagnetic oscillations inherent to a patient himself/herself was for the first time stated and scientifically proven by F. Morell (1977).

Relative synchronization of different oscillating (wave) processes is supported in normal physiological state of the body, while pathologic states (diseases) develop in the body in case of oscillating harmony’s deviation.

BRT is a therapy with the help of electromagnetic oscillations the body’s structures come into resonance with. Impact can be exercised on the level of cell, organ, system of organs, and the whole body, because various levels are characterized and controlled by various frequency-wave parameters.

The main idea of resonance’s application in medicine is following: if frequencies and form of treating (electromagnetic) impact are set correctly, normal (physiologic) processes can be increased and pathologic oscillations can be weakened in human body. Thus, bioresonance impact can be exercised for neutralization of pathologic oscillations as well as restoration of physiologic ones damaged in case of pathologic states; it means that the therapy suppresses hindrances (noises) in informational field of the body.

A healthy body, regardless of the age, always keeps relative synchronization of various oscillating (wave) processes which help the body to support balance, integrity and health. Imbalance and destruction of frequency-wave homeostasis’ harmony appear, if any pathological pathogenic processes develop. So, new vicious pathogenic oscillations and resonances develop in the body; and they support diseases and prevent healing. The body’s program of self-restoration and self-healing given by nature is disturbed.

The task of the device “BIOGENIS” is following: to restore correct energetic potential of organs and systems in phases, carry out peculiar readjustment, transfer unhealthy rhythms into healthy row, according to resonance principles.

The treating method with the device “BIOGENIS” has been based upon the solution of the task to create a method of electromagnetic therapy which allows providing harmonization of human organs’ and systems’ work with the help of resonance phenomena caused in the body by specified frequencies. The method of electromagnetic therapy represents restoration of health and liquidation of diseases’ mechanisms achieved through impact exercised to the body by impulse low-frequency electromagnetic field with specific carrying frequency modulated by various frequencies.

The device is indicated for usage in house conditions. The therapy is carried out with sessions which compose a course of treatment; each session represents one-time impact exercised by a program. Several sessions may be carried out a day. More obvious effect is caused by a course therapy.

A course therapy lasts 14-21 days of impact with a break of 1-2 days at the end of the course. If it is needed, a therapy may contain 5-7 courses.

The device may be arranged with the back side to the damaged organ for achievement of more evident effect. The most obvious effect is caused by combination of the therapy with others.

Try to avoid hard physical activities during application of sessions!

It is recommended administering session each other hour, until general improvement of health and relief of disease’s symptoms are achieved in case of acute diseases (poisonings, ARI, flu).

Usage of the device “BIOGENIS” doesn’t exclude administration of medical therapy and remedies of natural medicine; on the contrary – the device increases effects of other therapies.

If you utilize hand electrodes for application of curative and preventive therapies, you feel nothing, or just slight tingling. You may place cosmetic cotton pads dampened with water under electrodes in order to enhance effectiveness of treatment. If skin areas on places of contacts with electrodes are damaged, it is recommended using cotton pads dampened with water.

Needed number of sessions for daily usage is chosen, depending on individual tolerance.

You may be allowed to use the device after vaccination, only after your doctor has permitted you doing it.

The device must be used under supervision of physician in case of diseases which are dangerous for health.

ATTENTION! Consider contraindications mentioned in guide for application of the device! Contact your health care provider!

Additional information

Additional information

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