Bioresonance therapy and herbal therapy – the best treatment for our century

I have long known what bioresonance diagnosis and treatment is. This is what I learned from Hulda Clark’s books, where she combined this herbal therapy with three wormwood herbs, cloves and black walnut extract. I have written to them in detail since 2009. Biorezonance therapy is at a higher level than the radiodetection science, which deals with the frequencies of living matter and their measurement with radish-elastic instruments, lines, pendulums, baguettes, etc. In 1992 I completed two courses of general and medical radiodezeism that helped me measure the length of the waves emanating from the wildlife herbs and organs of the human body as well as the extent of their interaction. I was able to understand the principles of bioresonance diagnosis and treatment very easily, and for a year I also bought a combined home-groomed Hulda Clark and Rife, which we use the whole family. However, it is only for bioresonance treatment if we are aware of the diagnosis of the disease.

In our “Herbs-collection and use” group, a very interesting person, Plamen Beninski, who, like Hulda Clarke, combined bioresonance herbal therapy with other herbs but recommended other health practices for a complete treatment and maintenance of the human body. He has published a number of articles on the subject on a very high technical level. Today, I received permission from him to publish these articles here for an international week dedicated to cancer patients.
Note that bioresonance therapy is used to diagnose and treat many disease states, not only for cancer, but in this severe condition it is especially important to have the correct diagnosis and to detect the cause of the disease because any delay can be fatal. So today I will introduce you to the first article in this series.

Drug-free treatment and
without side effects


1. Pathogens:
• Parasites;
• Viruses;
• Bacteria;
• Fungi.
2. Overloading and changing organs from unhealthy lifestyles.

Each cell, every organ, each organism emits electromagnetic waves of varying amplitude and frequency. These waves are like a fingerprint, it can determine who radiates them – bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites or your liver.
This method works scientists from all over the world for 130 years.
Diagnostic devices use the physical phenomenon “resonance” to detect the frequencies emanating from the body. At these frequencies can be determined:
– the functional state of the organs and the spine;
– the presence of pathogens in the body;
– state of the energy centers (chakras);
– the state of immune, lymphatic, circulatory systems;
– Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals.

The information described above allows accurate diagnosis and an adequate treatment program.

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