Adaptive bioresonance therapy

Adaptive Bio Resonance Therapy is a new unique type of therapy using the patient’s own oscillatory oscillations.

The basic principles of bioresonance therapy consist of the following: the body and its functioning systems are sources of weak electromagnetic fluctuations in a wide frequency spectrum. The frequency spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations of the living organism covers a wide range of very short to ultra-wide waves. These oscillations are called physiological or harmonic oscillations and are inherent in the body. With the introduction of pathogenic factors or the occurrence of a disease in the body, new sources of electromagnetic oscillations – the so called ” pathological or disharmonic, which disrupt physiological equilibrium, breaking the cybernetic regulatory system. Body ill in that case, which may not be able to maintain a dynamic balance between physiological and pathological variability and is not capable of eliminating the pathological fluctuations to the minimum necessary for their level.

Severe physical, nervous and mental, environmental, etc. human stresses aggravate this situation and contribute to the development of pathological processes and disturbance of dynamic equilibrium. Fortunately, this process lends itself to bioenergetic adjustments. Because the human-biased fluctuations (biosignals) have electromagnetic nature, this makes it possible to capture them using electrodes and transmitting them to a special instrument. In this device, they undergo a special treatment (linear and non-linear filtration) and the second output electrodes are returned to the patient. The electromagnetic field of the patient immediately responds to these therapeutic signals, and his corrected fluctuations are again directed to the utensils. Thus, in the treatment process, the patient and the device form a closed loop of adaptive regulation, as the fluctuations that are processed are again and again returned to the patient. As a result, they are reduced or completely destroy the pathological oscillations are amplified physiological and gradually restores the physiological dynamic equilibrium in the body (homeostasis). The therapy is performed in a continuous bioprocessed mode under constant diagnostic control of Dr. Reinhard Fall’s method. Due to the universality of the approach for the treatment of various diseases and its maximum individualization in respect of each particular patient, the circle pathologies treatable by means of bio-resonance therapy is unusually broad.

Unique technology developed by Center for intellectual medical systems “IMEDIS” makes it possible to record the normal (physiological) for any given patient, and the pathological response of electromagnetic oscillations on various media (distilled water, homeopathic tablet, saline, etc.), which are used for internal intake between the adaptive bioresonance therapy procedures. At present, more than 10,000 specialist doctors use in their practice the method of adaptive bioresonance therapy, which is aided by millions of patients. Only in Germany, with the advent of the new century, more than 100 specialized centers for bioresonance therapy were discovered. The following schemes illustrate its effect in some more significant modern diseases according to the experience of German colleagues.

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