Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) – is the safest and most effective method of treating the body without side effects. Unlike the medication, it affects not the chemical processes (they are secondary), but the electromagnetic oscillations and vibrations, which are characteristic of all organs and systems in man, and bring them to normal, to harmony. And thus, compensates for impaired body functions.

Bioresonance therapy – this is the therapy of electromagnetic oscillations, whose structures the body resonates in.

The effect is possible both at the cellular level and at the organ level, organ systems and the overall organism, as different levels are characterized and managed with different frequency-wave parameters.

The basic idea for the application of resonance in medicine is that when properly selecting the frequency and form of healing (electromagnetic) effects, it can enhance normal (physiological) and weaken pathological fluctuations in the human body.

Thus, the bioresonance effect can be directed both to neutralizing the pathological and to restoring physiological fluctuations disturbed by pathological conditions, i. E. to suppress disturbances (noise) in the information field of the body without which it is impossible to cure any disease.

18.10.2017 News
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