Bottle Biogenis BG7013 – your source of hydrogen water

Care for health and proper attitude to the body is an essential part of a modern man’s life. Everyday care options are unlimited – from proper nutrition, to sports and various organic products. These things invariably stand the water as a basic element in our body. Consumption is of paramount importance not only for our survival but also for the proper functioning of the body. But why do not we choose water that will not only quench our thirst but will help to detoxify the organs, give the necessary tone and take care of our health for a long time?

On this question, we will give an answer today with an outstanding product that easily and quickly takes its place in our daily lives and helps us to live in the wave of rapid turnover of modern society. The Biogenis BG7013 water bottle will deliver you a wonderful glass of hydrogen water and will always be with you, whether it’s at home, on the villa, on the road or on vacation. Its compact size and sturdy housing make it comfortable to carry, strong and resistant to light external influences.

But this is not the special thing in it. Hidden at the bottom of the bottle are its “magic” ability to turn ordinary water into a powerful antioxidant fighting toxic compounds accumulated in the body. The quick action and beautiful design are additional touches to this exclusive product.

The filter system guarantees quality water filtration and conversion to hydrogen. The quality products used in this jug will guarantee a long life and security in the end result.

18.10.2017 News
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